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Okinawa Photography Workshops

Work shop sample intro From a workshop I taught in Japanese to photographers from around Japan.

Photography workshops are a great way to improve your photography skills by getting hands on experience, instant feedback and meeting other local photographers with the same interests. 

I teach all kinds of photography workshops in both English and Japanese on various topics from off camera flash lighting techniques through to Lightroom workflow classes. Groups or 1 on 1 private classes.

Upcoming photo workshops will be announced on my blog and Facebook photography page 

Here's what a couple of past workshop participants had to say. 

Pete... The workshop was AWESOME!!! I learned a lot and will definitely be able to take better pictures with the knowledge both you and Chris were able to pass along. Thank you!

Keith Smith.


Pete, your Off Camera Flash class was great. You and Chris provide clear instruction and plenty of time to get out and shoot to practice what we discussed. Having the model on the last day was a great bonus. 

David Edenfield



For personal 1 on 1 photography tutoring $150 2hr private class

(up to two can join for the one price!)

Personalized training covering the topics you want to learn! Classes in English or Japanese.

Everything from Camera basics to off camera flash photography to Lightroom workflow training. Just contact me to book your session. Email here!