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Okinawa Shooting Locations ideas



Here are just a few locations on Okinawa to help give you an idea for possible photo shooting spots for your engagement, pre wedding or family photography session. 

There are plenty more so just inquire for details, but these are some of the more popular spots our clients choose. 


Cape Zanpa:


Old lighthouse and rocky cliff area. 



Zanpa twilight kiss


pre wedding at Zanpa with epic beautiful Okinawa clouds


Cape Zanpa wedding location shoot with a beautiful sunset





Beaches beaches everywhere in Okinawa!


Clear Okinawan waters. Getting in the water is always good on your wedding day!


Sunset at low tide on the beach at Zanpa


Wedding beach shoot after the ceremony on a beautiful Okinawa afternoon




Bios on the hill: 


Beautiful green forests, parks, lakes and flowers in this huge park. Entry 710yen per person. 


Looking down on the wedding couple in the jungles of Bios


Nice reflections in the lake at Bios on the hill


Bios swing in the forest





A nice little beach location with a taste of Okinawa as well. Also has big grass fields. 



The iconic stone castle wall in the ocean at Gala


A little Okinawa old style flavor around Gala. Popular place for family photo sessions also!


Gala pre wedding photography session





The famous cliffs of Okinawa with high cliffs overlooking the ocean. 


The famous view of the cliffs at Manzamo


Epic sunset for newlyweds at Manzamo


Stormy weather still looks great at Manzamo




Moon Beach resort wedding chapel:


A nice chapel right on the water with a stunning beach and lots of great locations around to shoot at. Packages all inclusive from 80,000yen





Murasaki Mura: 


Old style Okinawan village, entry 600yen

昔ながらの琉球時代を感じるテーマパーク内での撮影。 入園料:600円


Bamboo forest at Murasaki Mura


Running around exploring the grounds at Murasaki Mura


A cool tree at a Japanese kids pre school in Murasaki Mura



Toguchi Beach:


A popular location to shoot for its rock caves and arches. 



The famous rock arches at Toguchi beach


Inside the grand arch with our couple


On the rocks at Toguchi beach



Zakimi Castle: 


Old castle ruins with nice grass fields and trees. 



Nice natural location for pre wedding in amongst the trees of Zakimi jo castle


Under the arches of the castle at Zakimi


Our couple relaxing on the green fields of Zakimi castle


Other islands

Miyako island:

Its also possible to get out to the outer Okinawa islands which offer even nicer beaches and lots of other great locations for pre wedding shooting. Check out this behind the scenes video from an all day bridal shoot on Miyako island. Behind the scenes videos also avalable from 35,000yen





So there are just a few location idea, of course there are many other great locations. Some other popular locations are not listed as they require extra permissions/permits etc.. to use. Wedding chapels such as the famous Lazor chapel at Alivila can also be used for location shooting but places like that come at a price. Inquire for details.  email.