Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Do you have insurance for your customers?

A. Yes! We have full AIU insurance that covers all our clients while they are with us on photo shoots. 

Q. What if it rains on our shoot day?


A. We would be happy to reschedule the day of the shoot to a different day with no additional deposit required. 

: 我們樂意改期拍攝,而且不會有另外收費。


Q. Can we shoot in the wedding chapels?

A. Yes! There is an extra cost but we can rent a wedding chapel by the sea for prewedding location shooting. 


Q. Can I get all the RAW unedited photos?


A. No, we don't give out those. But why would you want them? Unedited RAW files generally don't look good and can't be viewed without special photo editing software. Don't worry we will give you all the best shots and we're always happy to throw in a few free extra shots. If you really need all the RAW's for some reason then they will be for sale as a set.

答: 我們並不提供所有原始檔案,但如有必要可以以套裝出售。但我覺得原始檔案並不好看,而且需要 特別程式去解讀。但你不用擔心,因我們會給你們所有最完美的照片。

Q. How long before I can get my images?

問: 需要多少時間我才能收到照片?

A. Generally within two weeks unless otherwise stated. We always strive to get a couple of edited samples for you within a couple of days.



Q. Can you make me look skinny?

: 可以使我看來更苖條?

A. While we always do our best to make you look your best generally we don't “photoshop” your body apart from removing blemishes, pimples and basic retouching etc.. Body shaping and other more involved retouching will be charged at $20US per image.

答: 我們會盡力使你們看起來更漂亮,把所有瑕疵盡量移走。但如果要修改身材,因為工時長,則需要另外收費,


Q. How do we pay? Do you take Yen or $ and is there a deposit?

: 我應如何付款? 會收日元或美金作為訂金?

A. Once a date is set I will ask for a retainer to be payed within 24 hours of the booking to hold your date for you. The retainer is payable via Paypal and is non refundable. The remaining fee is due on the shoot date and should be paid in Japanese Yen. In some cases we will accept full payment by Paypal.

: 當拍攝日子決定後,24小時支付訂金,之後我們就會為你予留日子。訂金可以 Paypal 支付, 但並不設退款。其餘款項則在拍攝日以日元支付。 但有時也可以以 Paypal 支付全數。


Q. We want to have our wedding/location shoot in a different country other than Japan. Can we get you to come shoot it?

: 如果我們想在日本以外的國家拍攝,你可以來嗎?

A. Absolutely. I do international destination weddings in almost any part of the world for a very reasonable price. Just contact me for details.

: 當然可以,我有以合理價錢為各國客人拍攝婚紗照, 詳情請聯繫我。


Q. Can we rent our dress and tux in Okinawa?

A. Yes you can rent a range of dresses and tuxedo for location shooting here in Okinawa, prices start at 30,000yen for daily dress rental. Just ask for photos.


Q. Can we send hair/make up sample photos prior to our shoot?

: 我們能否先給你們我們想要的髪形和化妝描述?

A. Sure, thats no problem at all. Our Hair and MUA's will do their best to make sure you look awesome for the shoot.

: 當然可以,我們會盡力使你們在拍攝時出色漂亮。


Q. Can we take photos just in front of some other wedding chapels?

A. No, the companies that own those wedding chapels do not appreciate that kind of thing. 


Q. How big is the image data we receive and what format?

A. Image size varies from between 3500px - about 5000px on the long edge and are in JPG format. Big enough for most large print needs. I also can supply smaller resized versions perfect for online sharing and emailing at no extra charge. 


Q. Can we get a discount?

A. I offer discounts if you book for both prewedding and wedding day bookings together, as well as for certain overseas weddings/preweddings. Also at certain times of the year I may offer discounts via my Facebook photography page or via this website. 


Q. Can I become an assistant/work for fotoShisa Photography?

A. Yes although we do already have several assistants working with us. If you send your profile to us at [email protected] and live locally we will contact you. fotoShisa offers internships and part time jobs are occasionally available. Contact for details.