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Hi, I'm Pete Leong and thanks for stopping by my about page!

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I started fotoShisa Photography back in 2010 after being with big Japanese wedding companies as a photographer for the past 20 years. Although I found this a great experience as I was able to photograph well over 1000 weddings in this time, I found myself getting more and more restricted and frustrated with the service that the big wedding companies were giving to their customers. With these constraints I was never able to really give the customer my best work or as much time and effort I felt was needed to get the greatest shots that I could do for them. Now since I've started fotoShisa Photography I am happy to be able offer clients %110 and strive to go above and beyond client expectations for service and world class imagery.

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fotoShisa Photography 成立了大約一年半左右, 而在此之前我為一家大型日本緍紗攝影公司工作了十五年之久。為超過一千對新人拍攝照片,使我從中獲取了不少寶貴經驗,但同時我越來越對大公司的客戶服務感到不滿。因為客戶接種而來,我被迫要以快速拍攝手法去完成所有拍攝,所以我並不能給客戶帶來最完美的照片。 當 fotoShisa 成立後,我多了時間及空間和客戶們溝通,多了解他們的喜好和故事。從而我可以為他們設計中出一幅幅在多年後也使他們感動的寶貴照片。

成立工作室的其中一個原因是現在我可以進行海外拍攝, 給愛旅遊和照相的我多去一些新地方,多一些靈感。



當然不要忘記到我們的表揚版,看看客戶如何評值 fotoShisa Photography.