Phuong and Jason Young(non-registered)
We didn't think we could afford Pete, but with the Photographers I had been dealing with were less than impressive and I had been stalking Pete's work for at least 3 years and on a non sober night, I worked up the nerve to ask him if he would be interested in shooting for our wedding!
I learned you never know what you will get until you ask and Pete was very accommodating and willing to give us a break and we in turn gave him all the beer in the world he could drink, we had extra room at rental, and food included and we got extra shots that was a nice addition!
The photos turned out great, the double rainbow that blessed us was the ultimate clincher and we couldn't have asked for a better day, with a better photographer! Thank you so much for your wonderful work! We really appreciate it and will definitely refer you to anyone else looking for a photographer!
Much mahalo again, Phuong and Jason Young
robert bob lalas
Wow im so impress about your work its amazing.
Yan Cheung(non-registered)
非常感謝Pete 為我的婚禮及沖繩之旅留下美好回憶!每一張相都可以令我回想當時的點點滴滴。還記得年多前,知道要安排沖繩婚禮,在google找沖繩婚禮及婚紗攝影,幸運地看到Pete的blog, 從佢的文字及作品中已經感受到佢係一位非常有創意、勇於嘗試、熱愛攝影的攝影師!佢拍攝的角度往往都帶來驚喜,有一定的故事性。我們經email聯絡安排一切,佢通常都會很快回覆,令我感到非常安心。婚紗攝影前在沖繩還會安排meeting 講解安排,當天佢同化妝師會到酒店接我地 (同時都要多謝化妝師Akemi, 佢會準備好一啲reference pictures作參考,效果自然。佢在整天拍攝的過程中也很細心照顧大家)。
Pete 建議拍攝的地點除了有沖繩有名的景點,也會在當地人才知道的特別、有趣的地方。
跟佢拍攝一天好似跟專業的導遊深度了解沖繩一樣。一整天的拍攝聽起來好像會很累,但原來當你遇到一位好似Pete 一㨾passionate 的攝影師,佢可以鼓勵你嘗試不同pose, 令你投入及真真正正享受整個過程!
Pete 為我拍攝的是我第二次的prewedding (to be exact postwedding 8] ) 第一次是找台灣攝影公司拍攝的,我得到的係55 張相片 (package 往往不包全部相片)。第二次Pete 為我地拍攝的,我得到的係2百多張有basic retouched 的相片,更重要的係拍攝過程背後的回憶!睇番每一張相片都能有影像在腦海湧現!感激!
We absolutely love our photos and can't wait to get several of them printed to decorate our house! Pete and Haruna did a fantastic job for our day & night shoots. It was a very relaxed and enjoyable experience, and the quality of his photography lighting/angles/style made for some awesome pictures of us. Thanks again :)
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pete for helping us to capture our memorable moment! He is reliable and so responsive! He always replied my emails shortly and kept me update with our schedule. On the photo taking day, he made fun and made us relax to take the photos and that's really great! I really love our wedding photos so much and it's even more beautiful than those pre wedding photos we had taken in Taiwan previously! Please excuse me to say that I didn't expect a free lance photographer would take such great photos than those photographers who work in large wedding companies. But ultimately, he really wow me and he is so brilliant! Really thanks a lot Pete!
Jeffrey and Fei(non-registered)
Hi Pete

It's Jeffrey and Fei from Beijing. I believe you will read what I am writing below.



Thank you so much Pete and your crews. You gave us a very memorial day and perfect wedding pics. 顺便告诉你,其实Jeffrey和Fei都是我的名字,我太太的名字叫Da Zhi。
Scott and Charlene McNutt(non-registered)
Scott and I are an awe for your creativeness. Your work exceeded our expectations and we love the way you captured our family. Thank you thank you!!
Jem and Freeman(non-registered)
This is Jem and Freeman from Hong Kong.

We would like to thank for all your works, time, and sincerity you put into our photo shooting day. You told us your ideas about what we should do and where we should go before the day, we enjoyed it very much.

We have received the pre-wedding photos. We feel all the photos are awesome and we ourselves are so pleased with them. You did an outstanding job and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Also we would like to thank you for all the extras you have done for us.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for the beautiful photographs, we will cherish them forever. We also thank your team member Haruna and hair/make up Mua.
Eric & Seesea(non-registered)
We come from Hong Kong and found Pete for pre-wedding in Okinawa. We would like to express our appreciation for his professional and thoughtful services.

Before our pre-wedding, Pete answered our enquiries through email promptly and detailedly. He also suggested many different locations for us. He planned a perfect route for us which can fulfill what we wanted after meeting with us. We are very grateful for his effort in preparation.

During the day of pre-wedding, we totally felt his enthusiastic and passion in photography. He made us relax and enjoy taking photos, which is very important for the outcome of the photos. He is genius in finding the best angle in shooting. In addition, his assistant Haruna and MUA Nakamine are very helpful. They assisted us in every moment to make everything smooth and perfect.

We highly recommend Pete in photo shooting because he can give you an unforgettable memory and splendid photos.

Pete 是一個非常專業及有心的攝影師,他會滿足你的要求,為你準備合適的行程。此外,他有一個優秀的團隊支援,令你當日的拍攝非常順利及完滿。
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